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  • Efficient Water Treatment: The Stéfani Cartridge stands out as one of the world’s most effective water treatment solutions, employing a microporous ceramic wall to filter water dropwise, all without the need for additional chemicals.
  • Universal Compatibility: Our Stéfani Cartridges seamlessly integrate with almost all gravity filters available in the market, ensuring versatile compatibility
  • Enhanced Filtration Technology: The porcelain Stéfani Cartridge features a unique “candle” design, filled with a combination of colloidal silver coating on the inside and granular activated carbon (GAC), providing advanced water filtration.
  • Extended Service Life: Each Stéfani Cartridge boasts an impressive service life of 500 liters of filtered water or a duration of 6 months, offering long-lasting performance.
  • Initial Water Discard System: Prioritize purity by discarding the initial 12 liters of filtered water per cartridge before use. For example, using 2 cartridges requires discarding 24 liters, ensuring optimal water quality from the start.

Warranty: 12 months

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Stefani Filter Candle


12 Months

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